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ok but how is clamp returning to add new stories to xxxholic and tsubasa when FUCKING X/1999 HAS BEEN ON HIATUS FOR MORE THAN 10 YEARS

at least tell us what happens if you don’t plan to resume the damn manga

yoooo, can we talk about this for a second?

First of all: in order for CLAMP to continue X, they must get it serialized.

It wasn’t well-publicized here in the US (not sure about other countries!), but the reason CLAMP initially put X on hiatus was because the series was put in a difficult position due to its gruesome nature.  It’s hard to remember here, but in Japan, while X was serializing, there was a series of brutal murders amongst the youth in Tokyo, and several severe earthquakes - subject matter that X was covering in painful detail.  When CLAMP reviewed the publication with their magazine, Asuka, it was determined that if they wanted to write X to the end, they would have to change the ending; CLAMP elected instead to go on hiatus, to wait for a better time to write their original ending.

Has that time come? maybe those of us who are overseas feel like enough time has passed that X should continue.  But consider that Tokyo is presently underwater in X; only a few years ago a devastating tsunami ravaged the Japanese coast.  How soon is too soon to write a story including that kind of natural disaster?  (Imagine trying to publish a work where the Twin Towers were knocked down only 3 years after 9/11 for comparison).

CLAMP can’t afford to write X on their own time.  Mangaka do not make a lot of money, to be frank.  They can’t take time to write and draw X just for their own sake without making money off of it.  So even if CLAMP desperately wants to finish X, they will have to wait until a magazine is willing to pick it up and let them write the ending they want to.

Secondly, CLAMP owes us nothing.  They can write whatever they can publish and what pleases them.  They certainly did not pick up xXxHolic and Tsubasa just to personally attack you or thumb their nose at X fans.  (in fact, since it looks like the new Tsubasa story will include Seishirou and Fuuma (and therefore probably Subaru and Kamui), it is probably a sign of how much they want to return to the characters/world of X …))

Of course I understand feeling frustrated - I used to think CLAMP had abandoned X as well, until I saw the interviews where they explained the situation regarding their hiatus.  But acting as if they are somehow doing the wrong thing or something deplorable by writing more of their most popular series of all time instead of picking up your personal favorite manga is pretty unfair, is all I’m saying.


  • The Arctic Ocean, Summer 2010
  • The Arctic Ocean, Winter 2012

Eirik Johnson

"And across the line!"


"You’re getting on my nerves!"

I am looking forward to how this scene is handled!

prince kashima !! found this old sketch and tried to coloring it. 

prince kashima !! found this old sketch and tried to coloring it. 


More girls should join boys’ teams so it could be a tradition and it wouldn’t be so special.” - 13-year-old Mo’Ne Davis, the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series in its 68-year history, the FIRST girl to throw a Little League World Series SHUTOUT. Her fastball? 70 MILES PER HOUR. #throwlikeagirl #BlackGirlsROCK


Sooyoung’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - She does not just do the challenge itself, she takes the time to upload seven videos to explain the cause and increase awareness, detail the ways to donate to ALS and do the challenge. Forever an inspiration; and I’ll always proud to be your fan ♥


While many celebrities/entertainers/famous people that post their Ice Bucket Challenge video on Instagram post one, maybe two, videos of the challenge, this warm-hearted lady decides to post SEVEN videos, thoroughly explaining what it’s for, that it’s not just an event but something that we should give our continuous attention and care towards, how we should not just pour a bucket of ice water down our bodies but also donate to the cause, and the specific info of where the donation should be sent to (if you’re in Korea), all before enjoying that bucket of ice. Oh, and a friendly reminder afterwards to donate, in case you forgot after being drenched with that ice cold water:

Love thaws a frozen heart. And a bucket of ice. Olaf approves and is once again reminded that some people are worth melting for    ^v^b

Also, Park Seung-il (the basketball coach/player that the Korean ALS foundation is named after and that Sooyoung talked about in one of her appearances on Strong Heart) also participated in the ice bucket challenge in his own little way, using snow spray since he can’t have ice water dumped on him:

박승일 선수와 루게릭병과 싸우는 모든분들 힘내세요! 승일희망재단 화이팅!

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me when people try to take photos of me


me when people try to take photos of me